About Us

We are baristas, with about 20+ years experience each, we have seen the industry grow and change.

Not only do we love coffee, we also love design and fashion, how many times have you juggled shifts at a few different cafes and you only had a few black shirts. We have come up with a few interesting designs which I think are right up your alley and you can wear them with pride behind the coffee machine no matter which cafe you work in..

We are always designing new T Shirts so follow us on FB or Instagram to keep up to date with the latest trends and get an insight into our daily lives.

We have included some of our future limited release designs for you to view so you may add them to your collection. Make sure you visit our page monthly to see which design will be released, or you can follow us on FB or Instagram to keep up with our latest promotions.


Kind Regards

The Espresso Nerd Team